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Bosna Tour
Başülke world of Bosnia and Herzegovina and is one of the countries where tourists flocked. More than 15 million domestic and foreign tourists is to go to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The most frequently visited places; 
Hutovo Blato 
Rakitni by the river, 
Hutovo Blato: 
Is one of the Mediterranean coast and the water is cold. During the tour it is possible to take pictures of birds and wildlife. 
Rakitni by the river: 
Sarajevo is located 35 km far away. An unforgettable place of unique beauty and nature lovers, although, climbing and fishing is famous. Bosnia's best hiking is one of the places. 
Travnik has always been a pupil of the Ottoman Empire. That's why some places are still living in Ottoman cities. Vizier is referred to as the city of Travnik. 
Travnik is famous for its museums and castles. Wandering in the castle in Travnik i makes it possible to see a bird's eye. 
Sarajevo is Europe's pupil. Is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Possible to read through any time of year. 
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