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Tour de France
Tour de France 
France Paris diyince comes directly to mind. However, in France, you need to see historic buildings and bustling city is full of excellent nature. Here are the important places to see in the Tour de France; 
Assembled batteries, 
Lyon are just a few of the places you should visit. 
As the capital city of the European Union are accepted. Food is famous for. Can wander through the city on the river can visit the Christmas market. 
Bordogeniş a shopping area, numerous cafes and bars, lively nightlife and historic sites is a city to be seen with. Good wines can taste a great city at cheap rates. 
Great neighborhoods that are home to al-Jaafari. With magnificent views of boutique definitely a place you should visit. You must visit the indoor and outdoor markets. 
A great kitchen, has a great night life. Ren and you pass through the city. 

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