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Learn a Turkish Word

Learn a Turkish word


The official language is Turkish. English is offently spoken in major cities and tourist resorts and you will find that most Turks welcome the opportunity to practice their language skills. However foreign visitors who attempt to speak even a few words of Turkish, will definitely be rewarded with even warmer smiles.

Some useful words and phrases: 
Hello··· Merhaba (mare-hah-bah)
Good Morning··· Günaydin (goon-eye-din) (said on meeting)
Good Day··· iyi günler (ee-yee goo -n-ler) (said on meeting or parting)
Good evening··· iyi akşamlar (ee-yee ak-sham-lar) (said on meeting or parting)
Good night·· iyi geceler (ee-yee gedge -e-ler) (said on meeting or parting)
Please··· Lutfen (lute-fen)
Thanks·· Tesekkürler (tesh-e-kiir- ler)
Yes·· Evet (e-vet)
No··· Hayir (higher)
I want··· istiyorum (ist-ee-your-um)
When?··· Ne zaman? (nay za-man)
Today·· Bugün (boo-goon)
Tomorrow·· Yarın (yah-run)
Where?·· Nerede (ne're-de)
My name is.......·· ismim......(is-mim)
Water·· su (sue)
Milk·· slit (suit)
Beer··· bira (beer-a)
Wine··· Şarap (shar-ap)
Tea·· cay (ch-eye)
Coffee·· kahve (car-vay)
Food··· yemek (ye-meck)
Be careful!·· Dikkat!

1· birr (beer)
2· icy (icky)
3· üç (ouch)
4· dört (dirt)
5· beş(besh)
6· altı (al-ter)
7· yedi(yea-dee)
8· sekiz (seck-is)
9· dokuz (dock-uz) 10· on (on)

Days of the Week: 
Monday·· Pazartesi 
Tuesday··· Salı
Wednesday·· Carşamba 
Thursday·· Perşembe 
Friday·· Cuma 
Saturday·· Cumartesi 
Sunday·· Pazar

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