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İstanbul Tour
Istanbul since its inception hosted many civilizations, although many also was the capital of the country. Istanbul since the Ottoman Empire, both need to get other countries to get our Turkey is considered to be the pearl. 
Asia and Europe, linking Istanbul to the entire world because of the ideological position is golden. Many local and foreign tourists every year is current. The reason for this is that a place worth visiting. In Istanbul, Turkey is one of the city where most tourists come. Views of the Bosphorus is one of the elements that make Istanbul. 
Sağlam Bilet is tailored to our customers' satisfaction as our tour TA is in the best conditions we organize our tour. Bring years of experience to give you the best service we provide to our customers. Enjoy Sağlam Tur with a difference tour.
• Guided Air field meet, to meet the group 
• Istanbul Strait breakfast counter 
• Eyüp Sultan Mosque and the surrounding area 
• The power of simplicity spirituality combining the unmatched splendor of Topkapi Palace, 
• 1 built by Sultan Ahmet Blue Mosque, 
• Basilica Cistern, 
• Lunch, 
• Suleymaniye Mosque and the environment, 
• Move to the airport for evening flight 
• CHANGE excursion route traffic based on the Guide.

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