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İzmir Tour
Izmir is Turkey's 3rd largest in the province. In Turkey, one of the places most visited by tourists are. Fountain with beaches, Ephesus in with the city is poised to become a masterpiece. Port of Izmir is Turkey's biggest port 2.c. Although the richness of the culture of the host, yoğunsal events and has also announced the name. 
Izmir things as well; 
Historic Clock Tower, Kemeraltı, Yali (Konak) Church, Konak Pier, Alsancak, Izmir Hilton Hotel, Agora Ruins, Historic Elevator, Kadifekale, Izmir Wildlife Park, Saint Polycarp Church, Inciralti, İzmir Culture (Izmir Fair), Karsiyaka , the cable car is located Balcova. 
Izmir, close to the city center tourist resort, mosques, churches, synagogues, museums, ancient cities, with healing thermal waters and kitchen beckons holidaymakers.
Also of historical significance in İzmir Gediz, there are small streams meander and copper tea.

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