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Kapadokya Balloon

Cappadocia Balloon


Cappadocia, hot air balloon tour in the world and the only place that has done the most unique views. Balloon tours are held in the morning when the weather is most favorable. The balloon tour of about 3 hours in the morning with a ceremony begins with taking the time from your hotel in power. Inflating the balloon when you are watching the flight of the balloon field, you can eat your snacks for the first drafted. When ready to take your place in the basket and balloon flight you will rise only to remove the taste of the unique landscape. 
Ranging from 70 minutes to about 55 minutes with a standard flight price is € 90 per person cash payments, payments for credit cards per person is € 100. 
This price; 
The hotel's released from the purchase, breakfast, health insurance against the possibility of any accident during flight is approximately 55 minutes including 70 minutes with plenty of hot air from the flight.For earth's most beautiful balloon adventure, come join us in Cappadocia. 
Required filtration of fairy chimneys, as well as spectacular views of Cappadocia in everything we do by following a flight from high adventure in itself an extraordinary happening. 
Cappadocia will be indeed the most wonderful experiences of your life.
Enjoy hot air balloon tours in Cappadocia Do you want to live with us?

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