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Macedonia Tours
Is one of Europe's smallest countries. Cruising areas and activities of the current regions has undergone many domestic and foreign tourists. Places to visit in Macedonia are listed below; 
Kokino area, 
Ohrid lake, 
Golem grad is a nature area. 
Macedonian king Alexander the Great's spectacular sculpture is almost here. In particular, there are summer days around the cafes, bars and shopping centers and will not pass without counting the beauty of nature. 
Kokino AREA: 
There are quite famous archaeological sites. Serves as a public space. Kokino spectacular beauty is an excellent opportunity for you to follow. 
Lake Ohrid: 
Lake Ohrid in Macedonia is arguably the most beautiful place. Macedonia for those who want to enjoy a unique fırsattır.ohrid Castle is one of the things to do. 
Macedonia lake known as the second largest. Today, copper is great with nature is known as a place to do bird watching. 
The wonders of nature together with the famous Macedonian Do you like to travel?  with Saglam tickets to you as we had a dream tour.

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