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Eye Diseases
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Eye Diseases 
Cataract, the loss of transparency of the eye lens, and consequently resulting in a decrease in vision eye disorders. 
Kamra Inlay Treatment 
Kamra inlay, a clear view of the near-far-middle-distance comfort developed for patients who want to experience Presbyopia is a surgical method. Patients without removing the natural lens of the eye, the cornea, the outermost layer of the eye that is compatible with the structure is carried out by placing micro-implants. 
Excimer Laser Treatment 
Myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia in the treatment of refractive errors, such as eye surgery method. 
According to the degree of visual impairment through a computer programmed excimer laser beam on the corneal layer of the eye with the proper focus and clear vision of the re-shaping is achieved. 
Intralase LASIK Excimer Laser 
IntraLase iFS femtosecond laser technology and personalized Excimer Laser 's together with the use gerçekleştirilenıntralas Lasik excimer laser refractive surgery myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism correcting the defects of vision as it is applied to. 
Glaucoma (popularly known as intraocular pressure), often seen over 40 generally show improvements over the years, required for vision is a disease that damage the optic nerve. Visual loss in glaucoma occurs, there is no chance of return. Therefore, early diagnosis and treatment is essential. A careful eye examination is essential for early diagnosis. Our center in the world with a device equipped with the latest technology systems is done with the help of early diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma. 
Strabismus, two eyes can not focus on an object at the same time and / or where there is a clinical eye coordinated movements. Strabismus can be classified in different ways. Infancy, childhood or adult strabismus may occur in all evaluated in the shortest possible time should be late in starting treatment. 
dry Eye 
Normally, the eye constantly washed by tears. Tears, keeps the eye moist and comfortable. Sometimes tears are not produced in sufficient amounts. Sometimes it does not moisten enough to tear out the quality has deteriorated. This "dry eye" is known as. There are two methods for the production of tears in our eyes. The first continuous eye wetting allowing a slow and constant tear release the second crying, eye foreign body, eye stinging, cold and windy contact, nose irritating events, colds, flu, or eye inflammation in cases of reflex pathways, excess, which secretion is. it is interesting the way the reflex of dryness of the eye, can cause to live. Increasing the density of contact lens use may tear. 
contact Lenses 
To correct refractive errors of the eye produced as an alternative to glasses, contact lenses with lens attached to the front surface of the cornea is called. Contact lenses correct refractive errors, although used for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes can be used. 
The principles of refraction and optics glasses, contact lenses likewise applies to. They are composed according to the degree of myopia and hyperopia curvature of the cornea with a contact lens surface is corrected by changing the existing defects. Mostly, corneal astigmatism caused by distortions due to the front surface or the use of hard contact lenses or soft lenses specifically designed for astigmatism (toric lens) should be used. 
In a small number of glasses and contact lenses while on the same number of myopic glasses smaller than increases, the greater the number of hyperopia are required to use a lens. 
Is a disease of inflammation of the eyelids. Women and men of all ages and can be seen quite a common ... 
That prevents normal use of the eyes in any situation arises. In most cases, lazy eye can be inherited. Children with amblyopia in the family must be examined by an ophthalmologist. Early diagnosis is always important. 
Color Blindness (daltonism) 
Daltonism in the name of medicine which is usually congenital color blindness is a disease. Color blindness is the cause of the lack of certain substances in the eye. As can be caused by hereditary optic nerve causes visual point and eye diseases such as ocular pressure may occur as a result.
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