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Sağlam Bilet

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personal Assistant
  • Once you contact us, we assign a personal assistant who speaks the same mother tongue as you.
  • Your personal assistant is your right hand and translator in the processes of treatment preparedness, therapy and healing.
  • Your assistant manages the communications that will allow your personal treatment file to be prepared when you are at home.
  • Then, he/she creates your personal file.
  • Your assistant determines your flight, transfer and accommodation requests. If any, he/she also determines your other requirements and requests.
  • Your assistant shares with you the treatment protocol specified by your medical adviser.
  • He/she shares with you any information on your flight, transfer and accommodation requests and service bundle information set according to your requests.
  • He/she obtains your approval on the service bundle.
  • He/she receives your approval regarding a “Service Agreement” that the terms and conditions agreed upon mutually are legally guaranteed, via e-mail or SMS.
  • Upon your approval, the service process is started and your personal assistant is at your disposal for your communications and potential requests at any stage.
  • Upon your request, we can assign a Hospital Attendant Assistant who will continuously sit with you during your hospitalization. This service carries an extra fee. If you desire, you can obtain this service. You can find out the Hospital Attendant Assistant usage fees by visiting our 
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